Triumph 1978 T140E Supplement Parts Book

TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES AMERICA1 INC. 177 W. ORANGETHORPE AVE,1 P.O. BOX 1060 PLACENTIA1 CA 92670 ( . . USE ORDER FORM (PART NO . TMA-1) FOR REGULAR ORDERS. CALL TOLL-FREE 800-854-0341 FOR CRITICAL ORDERS. PLEASE ORDER NO MORE THAN 10 LINE ITEMS ON PHONE. RETURNED ITEMS SUBJECT TO 10% RESTOCKING CHARGE. This Triumph replacement parts catalo~ supplement describes the parts which are unique to the 1978 Tl~OE model. The nRemarksn column refers to page (PG) numbers and reference (REF#) numbers which are containea in the March 1978 Tl40V Replacement Parts Catalog (99-7003). In most cases, these indicate the Tl40V component which has been changed on the Tl40E. PLEASE NO E· Tl40V SPEC! :I ATIONS AND PARTS HA E NOT CHANGED Te Rep aces co umn 1n t 1s supp ement re ers to parts w ch have been changed for production of the Tl40E. The only illustration used in this supplement is an exploded view of the AMAL Mark 2 carburetor. some carburetor coroonents wh 1 ch · are not illustrated are included in the listing. They are grouped with associated parts. Where possible1 related components are Jisted together so that assemblies may be identified. This Tl40E supplement 'contains the following sections: Manifold and tappets Cylinder block and head1 Tl40E carburetor1 Tl40E Frame Air cleaners and side panels Fenders Control cables Headlamp and flasher lamps ·Miscellaneous Page One