Matchless 1955 Super Clubman Parts Book

QTY. OFF PRICE EACH £ s. d. PART NUMBER DESCR IPTION COMPLETE TOOL l{ITS 022 107 022 108 TOOLS 017253 021625 O 7248 O 1188 .. O 7246 O 7114 O 7007 O 7052 O 7053 O 8178 . . . O 7257 O 7252 O 7249 O 5023 .. O 5264 O 5213 O 7254 O 8055 O 8667 000174 ... Tool kit, complete, with tyre inflater . ... Too l kit, complet e,less ty re inflater .. I I .. ... l I . . i The following comprise " TOOL KIT, COMPLETE, WITH TYRE INFLATOR," and is included as part of every motor cycle. Bag for tool s . Screwdr iver . Pliers , side cutting . Pliers, for gudgeo npin circlip s : .. Gun, grea se . Inflater , tyre . Lever, tyre . Span ner, double end, 136 in. by!. in .. Spann er, dou ble end, 156 in. by : in . Spanner, doub le end, I ·011 in. by I ·2 in . Spanner, do ub le end, .3 6 in. by ·.375 in .. Spanner ,box, with tommy, for sparking plug .. Wrench, adjustab le . Spanner, dou ble end, with gauge, for contacts (Lucas No. 415116) Spann er, single end, for roc ker clamping bo lts . Spann er, box, for cylind er head nut s . Spanner, clutc h spring adjustment . Key , for hand lebar clip screws and rocker cap screws . Key, for fork tu be pinch scr ew : . Washer, for brake sho e th rust pin · : . SPECIAL TOOLS O 11381 015273 015374 022011 I I I I I I 2 I I I .. .. . .. . .. .. 8 Holde r, valve, for valve grinding .. Extra ctor, for t iming pinion and magneto gear .. Extracto r, for camshaft gears .. Disc, tim ing (see Instruction Manual) . The above tools are NOT INCLUDED in the equipment of a new motor cycle. . SERVICE l l I I ¡ t i I ¡ The Serv ice a nd Rep ai r Depa rt m e nt is sit uated in Burr ageGrov e,Plum st ea d,Lond on, S.E.18. Burr a geGrove is the first turning on t he left from Bur rage Road wh en enteri ng Burrage Road fro m t he Plumstead Road. (See fina l paragra phbelow.) The nea rest Railway Station is WOOLW ICHARSENAL, SOUTHERN REGION RAILWAY . This St ation is five min ute s' walk from ou r Service Depot in Burrage Gr ove. Ther eis an excel lent service of electric t rains from Charing Cro ss, Wa t erloo, Cannon Street and London Bridge St at ions, South ern Region Railway. Bus rou t es 53, 54, 163, 99, 122, 122a, 177 and Tro lleybus rout es,696 and 698, pass t he end of Burrage Road (one minute from the Service Depot). Bus rout es 186, 75 and 161 serv e Be res ford Squ are which is three minutes 'wa lk from the Servi ce and Re pair Dep a rtment. Visitor s from the North can pass into Woo lwic h via the Free Fer ry betw een No rth Woolwich and Woolw ich. North Woolwich is a British Railways te rminus and Is also served 'by Bus and Trolleybus ro utes IOI, 569, 669 and 685. There Is also a tunnel unde r the River Thames at this point for foot passengers. The Free Ferry accommod ate sall types of motor vehi cles and th ere is a very frequent service . The Southern land ing st age is less t han a mile from t he Service Depot. Visitors ar riving by road, if they are stra ngers to the locality, should enqui re for Bere sford Squ a re:, Woolwich .Upon arr ival there, the road skir tin gthe Roya l Arsenal shoul d be follow edin an Easterly directi on for about four hundred yards, and Burrage Road is the second turning on the right after leaving the square. Burrage Grove is then the first tur ning on the left. 44